Our Activities

Green Living Experience Festival

Hello Ugandans! Did you know that; In November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21st March the International Day of Forests? The Day provides an annual platform to raise awareness on the importance of forests and trees and the myriad ways in which they sustain our livelihoods. But how many Ugandans know and recognize this day? What if Uganda as a State declares this day a Public Holiday just like any other public holiday such as Labor Day for every Ugandan to plant at least one tree! Don’t you think we have not respected and honored this very important day that would embrace the human race on earth? Well, lots of questions keep lingering in my mind but I think we should be grateful and delighted because forests and trees are contributing so much to the development that we need in our country.

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The Green Pledge

As Youth Go Green has been launching in different regions of the country, many youths have been joining and signing a pledge as our ambassadors in those regions. These youths have been able to monitor and also report the growth of tree planting in those regions and also encouraging the Go Green campaigns to continue.

We call upon more youths to join the campaign for the cause of impacting climate change

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Environmental Essay writing

We do not only grow trees for Uganda and campaign for tree planting but also teach the public about climate change and benefits of tree planting through writing environmental related articles in news papers

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