Organization Profile

Youth Go Green Uganda is a registered non-government organisation with a registration certificate No. 228811 operating at national level, with a mission to promote a green economy through creation of green jobs that have become key drivers for achieving an economic and social development that is also environmentally sustainable.

It’s coordinated by Edwin  Muhumuza  as the CEO, Rt. Hon. Rebecca  Kadaga (Speaker of the parliament of Uganda) as the patron, Angella Katatumba as the Go Green Ambassador and many more.

Youth Go Green strives to improve environment conservation through tree planting, climate change mitigation and adaptation measures through provision of information, supply of agricultural inputs, lobbying and advocacy.

Youth Go Green also integrates agriculture development among the activities targeting youth and has been expanding its outreach programs to position itself as a lead agency in advocating and advancing commercial agriculture and climate smart agriculture agenda to the youth who are the biggest population segment in Uganda in order to create opportunities for them and tap into agricultural value chain innovations.

The organisation has a total membership enrolment of 500,000 youth across the country where 58.9% are female. these are organised according to our institutional regional coordination plan.

Youth Go Green Uganda was established and launched in 2013 by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda and has been operating since then under the Patronage of the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, growing internally as an umbrella youth organisation.

Youth go green Uganda is operating in most districts of Uganda to promote green jobs, environment conservation and Agricultural programs among the youth through training, mindset change and capacity building to motivate and inspire action for the youth in agriculture.